08 May 2011

Portrait from life

Thought it was about time that I did some more drawing from life. My model today was happily sitting, minding his own business and watching the Formula One Grand Prix on the telly...

Charcoal and white pastel, on some kind of grey, fairly lightweight paper with a little bit of tooth to it.  I found it a bit of a struggle as the charcoal lifted off at any opportunity (ie me putting my big clumsy finger in the middle of it...)

Not the greatest likeness, it has to be said, but not too bad....

Size is about 13" by 17"


  1. We don't know that the portrait isn't a great likeness, so sure it is. Charcoal does dust off easily. I use it along with black and white pastel when using gray charcoal/pastel paper. Charcoal alone isn't dark enough for me.

  2. Ha, good point Linda! Actually, the more I look at it the better I like this one. Am hoping to do more of these drawings from life, if I can find any willing volunteers. Sadly the life drawing class I go to has been cancelled again so I'll need to get my fix somewhere!

  3. I love the realism and intensity of the sitter. A very intriguing drawing.

  4. Thank you Shelley, intriguing is a compliment indeed.


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