22 May 2011

Year of Painting 2: Still Life

Over on the Painting Friends forum, the Year of Painting has reached month 2. The reference for this month was a still life set-up, and I decided to have a go in acrylics.

Acrylic, 10 by 14"

My version is much simplified from the reference photo - the original had a stripey tablecloth for a start (and that looked way too difficult!). I think I could have been braver with the colours in the white cloth, but I like the texture I managed to get (applying paint with a palette knife), and I like the overall feel of the finished painting.

It was fun to do, as always, and it's great to try out different approaches and subject matter. Though I do think that I prefer painting still lifes from life, rather than from a reference photo, so I'll have to make the effort and set some up I guess...


  1. Fabulous painting, Sharon. It really does feel like an Old Masters. Very painterly! xx

  2. Thanks Pat, I had great fun with this but still feel it could have been pushed further, with more colour interest in the white cloth and the apples (do they look like apples, or giant tomatoes?? lol).

  3. me gusta los colores que usas,muy bonitas tus pinturas,un beso.conchi

  4. Muchas gracias Conchi, tus palabras son muy amables :-)


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