10 August 2011

Another sad tale, another pm study

We've had another window-related casualty, which is a bit upsetting. This time it was a dunnock, which flew into a different window. I'm hoping that it's just coincidence that we've had two birds hitting windows within a couple of days - we haven't had any in the previous 6 months that we've been here...

So, another post-mortem study. These little birds can look quite drab and unassuming from a distance, but they have beautiful hues and subtle colours in their plumage close up.

Watercolour (on HP paper), quarter sheet.


  1. Great study!

    What a shame that two have hit your windows. I bet you'll go for years before it ever happens again!

  2. Yep, that's probably the way it'll go Pat!

  3. Though a sad event, you have taken control and did two great post mortems, Sharon! A great chance to really observe detail.
    I, too, have immortalized a few departed birds and insects by doing studies.

  4. Thanks Dean, yes, it's a great opportunity to really see the details and understand the anatomy too.


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