21 August 2011


Here's a study of a couple of roses, deadheaded from the rose plant in the front garden. I enjoyed the observational exercise; drawing and painting these small life studies is good fun.

Watercolour from life, on Daler Rowney Langton NOT paper, 12" by 9".


  1. Sharon, this is a lovely painting.. but the thing I really would like you to know ... (and I'm not kidding) I have this type of rose bush back of the house, About 5 this afternoon, took a piece of Daler Rowney paper ( yes , not kidding) and painted the same thing .. from life . and I hardly ever paint from life .. Something I should do more often...
    Just thought I would tell you this... and off to see more of your blog. Happy Painting

  2. Hey Barbra, what a coincidence! You know, I rarely paint from life either (though I'm hoping to do a lot more, as I enjoyed this study, and the bird studies, so much), and I hardly ever paint or draw flowers - these were just irresistible though, with their faded petals... Happy painting!

  3. It felt like the twilight zone. LOL
    hugs, BJ

  4. they look beautiful, Sharon. Drawing from life is a whole other ball game - and one you look like you are mastering really well!

  5. Thanks Pat. I've enjoyed doing these studies, it really makes me slow down and take my time. More looking than drawing, which is a good thing I think :-)


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