29 March 2012

More drawing project stuff... two pencils

Hello again!

Despite the attractions of the recent warm sunny afternoons, I've managed to pick up the pencils and have a go at the next exercise from the Drawing Projects book. This one is called 'two pencils'. Here's my set-up.

This is another control (or giving up control!) exercise.  Here, two sharp pencils are taped together to make a single unit. Then you start to draw - the marks will be interesting, and it does feel rather awkward! You should end up a range of marks as a basis to work with - you then refine the drawing, using one pencil and a putty rubber to knock back the marks where you think they're too dark or just in the wrong place.

The book tells you to clarify the drawing, making smaller, darker marks, as if you were sharpening the image by focusing the lens on a camera. Interesting analogy. This part of the drawing will inevitably be 'tighter' and more controlled, but you have the looser earlier drawing to build on. I started off with my trusty boot...

Then moved on to a daffodil from the garden...

Then, lawks, a self portrait from the mirror...

Then back to the daffodil...

All pencil on A3 cartridge paper.

I found this very enjoyable - I can see the direct connection between this (and indeed the first exercise) and, for example, painting in acrylics. I've often read/heard (and tried to apply!) the advice to start off painting general shapes, and refine these. Much the same as these drawing exercises - starting loose, a bit unpredictable and exciting, and refining while keeping that initial pleasing looseness.

I'm quite enjoying myself with these exercises!

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