15 April 2012

Out and about

At the start of the year I had a think about what kind of art goals I might want to set myself, and the main theme was getting out and about with a sketchbook. Now winter is over (allegedly!) I decided it was about time to start getting out and about.

Over on the Painting Friends forum I asked if anyone was interested in joining me and being a virtual sketching buddy, and happily we now have a small band of artists who will be sharing their 'out and about' sketching, drawing and painting over the summer.

I headed off for a walk from my house for my first effort; here it is.

This is a little way down the footpath at the back of our house, out into the fields, looking back – the treeline is the edge of the village. The fields are all planted with oilseed rape (canola) this year, which is starting to flower, so we're surrounded by yellow. I sat myself down on the grass at the edge of the track (note to self - something to sit on might be a good idea...). Skylarks were singing, and some geese flew overhead. It was cold (hands were numb after 10 minutes), and I was almost bowled over by two very friendly dogs (they were so sweet!) who were out walking their owners. I gave up after 10 minutes or so because of the cold, but carried on with my walk and noted lots of sketching possibilities for a warmer day.

Watercolour and ink (I used a waterbrush, one that holds water in the barrel - great for sketching), A4 sketchbook.

Let's hope it warms up a bit soon!

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