30 September 2012

A couple of sheep

Hello! Well, I had a great day out yesterday at the Gransden and District Agricultural Show, where I took a whole bunch of photos (and would have taken even more if I hadn't left the spare memory cards at home, oops!). Lots to see, and I now have lots of ideas for future projects... but for now, here are a couple of ink and watercolour sketches.

 7 by 9" ish

5 by 7"

Sheep - they're great!


  1. I love sheep, and there are so many different varieties of them - the Lake District Herdwicks and Swaledales are my favourites - great sketches especially the first one

    1. Thanks Sharon! Yep, sheep are fab, it's official. There were commercial and some of the rare breeds at the show, so I'll be doing some more sketching from my photos I reckon...

  2. Not only are sheep great, but so are your renditions of them. I think they're both fab! xx


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