25 September 2012

Swan at Woodwalton Fen

Hello! I've been busy doing another linocut print - a bit more ambitious this one, and it's based on the visit I made to Woodwalton Fen the other week with the FenVAC sketchers...

Here are the final prints (need to get me a washing line to hang these up on, out of the way!):


And a pic of one of them:

As they are hand-inked and hand-pulled, each of these prints is slightly different to the others, so each is a unique impression of the hand-carved lino block.

And some earlier steps in the process:

The printed area is about 6 by 8-ish inches. I used Schmincke water-based inks, and the paper is Zerkall 210gsm paper. I reckon that there are maybe four or five reasonably decent prints out of the eight I pulled. Not too bad, but I need to practice lots more on the technical side of things, i.e. not getting inky splodges where they're not wanted ;-)


  1. Loved seeing them all together and then the close up.
    The swans are absolutely gorgeous, Sharon x

    1. Thanks so much Pat, I really enjoyed doing them!


  2. Sharon I like the colors in the swan, also a great comp in this one. Bravo

    1. Thank you Nora, I'm on a learning curve with this stuff, good fun!


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