26 September 2011

James's jungle

I've had fun over the last few weeks painting a big picture for the nursery of my new nephew. Finally delivered it at the weekend, so now I can share it here my blog.

And some details:

Acrylic on canvas, 20" by 30". This was so much fun to do, loads of initial sketches of the animals and plants, then putting it all together. Took longer than I thought it would though - it's all a learning curve!


  1. What a wonderful treasure! I am sure it will be greatly loved. My fave is the red frog! :) xx

  2. Thanks Pat! My sister's fave is the green frog with the orange feet, and I like the nervous tapir - something for everyone :-)

  3. This is absolutely adorable, Sharon.

  4. Thanks Ann, it was a bit overwhelming at first (I usually paint much smaller!) but everyone seems happy with the finish, phew!

  5. Que de detalles que le pusiste,seguro que les encantó.
    Los animales quedaron muy lindos.

  6. this is so wonderful sharon and is going to mean so much to the new little guy.. hes going to love it forever, especially coming from his new aunt.congrats!!!


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