01 October 2011

portrait sketch

Well, here we are, back to the portraits. This is a 'getting acquainted' sketch, from a ref from babasteve on flickr, under Creative Commons (thanks!). I'm part of a small online group of artists aiming to improve our portraiture skills, and this is our current ref. I'm intending to paint this in acrylic, and have a fairly good idea of what I want to do.

There are issues with this sketch which I'll bear in mind for the painting, but really I'm hoping to end up with a pleasing painting rather than an exact likeness with this one. We shall see...

Pencil in an A4 sketchbook, a quick sketch, about 15 minutes.


  1. Cracking sketch, Sharon - looking forward to the painting! xx

  2. Sharon you have real talent with portraiture--your get acquainted sketches show you have the eye for it.

  3. Cheers Pat, hope I can find the time to get started on this one sooner rather than later...

    Thanks Linda, you are very kind! Really it's down to practice, practice, practice, and a love of the challenge of portraits...

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  5. very good drawings and paintings, Sharon : )

  6. Thanks Sadeu, glad you like them :-)


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