23 October 2011

Autumn arrives

Over at the Painting Friends forum we have had a Fall Card Exchange (that's Autumn to us here in the UK!). I chose to paint some rose hips which I photographed a couple of years ago at one of my local nature reserves here in Cambridgeshire. I've painted this before, but this time I thought I'd go all out on the autumn colours.

This went to my Painting Friend Cindi, in California.

Watercolour and ink, 5 by 7" on HP watercolour paper.


  1. i'm the lucky person who received this beautiful card!!! and let me tell you in real life it is even more stunning... thank you so much sharon.. i love it!!!

  2. Thanks Pat, autumn's a great time of the year for inspirational colours.

    Cindi, I'm so pleased you like it!


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