20 October 2011

Life drawing

We're breaking for a week for half term in the life drawing class, so here's a couple of drawings from this week and last week. The coloured ones were 30-min poses (using pastel pencils), and are in preparation for getting some paint out after the break (how exciting!). Obviously our model wasn't really this colour! It was an exercise in dark, mid and light tones in colour.

I've been working away on a painting for a charity fundraising exhibition (more on that at a later date), and on a commission as well. I'll share both here at some point. And I'm trying to get into better sketchbook habits too...


  1. your life drawing is fantastic, sharon.. each one is better and better... thanks so much for sharing your journey!!

  2. Thanks Cindi! I reckon that life drawing is absolutely the best thing you can do for your drawing in general. Even my quick 10-min drawings seem to be improving. I think it's a confidence thing!


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