29 October 2011


Hello again!

Here's another acrylic portrait, painted from a reference photo by the talented babasteve on flickr with the online group of portrait painters I belong to. I was experimenting with colours here - purples and oranges. The photo here is a bit on the dark side, it's a little zingier in real life.

I'm fairly pleased with the way this has turned out. I definitely wasn't looking for cute or realism, was going for something painterly and with a bit of texture, and I had fun with the colours. I'm enjoy painting with acrylics, and I feel there are some nice things going on here. Will be exploring further!

Acrylic on Galeria acrylic paper, 14" by 10"


  1. I love it, Sharon.
    It doesn't do cute or realism - but does suggest the dirt and dust of a third world existence!

  2. Thanks Pat, that's perfect then! I was looking for something that said more than just 'portrait' (even tho I couldn't find a more imaginative title for the post, lol!).

  3. You got it. The word portrait suggests having a period of time to capture a likeness. this "portrait" is gives us a glimpse of a person in a moment's time. Very nice.

  4. Thanks Linda, and that's an interesting point - using a photo ref means that we can capture a fleeting moment in time, in a way that would be near impossible with a more traditionally posed sitter painted from life over a period of time.

    I think I just have to be careful that I don't become a slave to the photo reference, that I bring something of myself, my vision or whatever, to the painting.


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