08 July 2011

Giraffe, at the zoo

In super-quick time, another little pastel from the zoo residents appears (can you tell I'm having fun with these!)

Another 9ish by 6-ish inch pastel painting on pastelmat paper, from a photo I took at Twycross zoo at the weekend. It's a bit bright, a bit soft, and a bit comical, but it makes me feel cheerful and puts a smile on my face ;-)


  1. He does have a cheerful quality about him, from the little laugh playing on his lips to the multi directional ears :) I like him xx

  2. Aw, thanks Pat! I've always wanted to paint a giraffe, they have such endearing faces.

  3. He made me laugh the moment I saw him! He is great!

  4. Judy, if he made you laugh then my job here is done :-)


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