07 July 2011

Prairie dog pup, at the zoo

Now for something a bit cuter than the last post!

I went last weekend for a visit to Twycross Zoo, in the beautiful English Midlands, and took loads of photos of fab animals. I decided to try out some pastels that I've had lying around for ages, and used a ref of a Black-tailed Prairie Dog pup, almost too cute for it's own good... Pleased with how this turned out, as it was really only an experiment to try out the pastels and some newly acquired pastelmat paper.

I haven't used pastels very much but I enjoyed this, so no doubt I'll be adding some more zoo animals along the way.

Pastel on pastelmat paper, approx 6" by 9"


  1. He's fab, Sharon. Love the light you've captured in this piece - as well as the ultimate in cuteness :) xx

  2. Sharon, very nicely done, love those sharp edges on his hair near the face - nice contrasts.

  3. I can almost feel the softness of his fur. Beautiful rendering Sharon.

  4. Thanks Pat, Ann and Linda, I'm enjoying getting to grips with the pastels (even though they're cheap and nasty!). Wish I'd been a bit more careful with the placement - I've cut his little feet off :-o


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