23 July 2011


A few weeks back I went to an acrylic portrait demo, invited by fellow arty blogger Pat Elliot. As it was a bit of a drive for me and the demo was in the evening, Pat and her husband were kind enough to feed me and put me up for the night. I painted Pat's dear little dog, Missy, as a thank you.

Acrylic on paper, 14" by 10". No preliminary drawing, straight in with the paint - good fun!


  1. Straight in with the paint is scary, but often the best emerges with the spontaneity.

  2. Straight in - and a great portrait of our darling girl -- and a most welcome surprise gift.
    Thanks, Sharon, it was a pleasure having you here, you were a smashing guest. :) xx

  3. Sharon, yes, I follow Pat and likewise, and know her Missy, from the blog, What a wonderful painting you did of her... Love it..


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