16 July 2011


Here's my latest painting, painted from a photo I took a few months back of my beautiful niece...

Acrylic on acrylic paper, 10" by 14"

I'm pretty please with how this has turned out in the end. I was getting a bit frustrated with it at one point - it was looking a bit bleugh - then I mixed up some purples and started slapping the colour on, and it gave the whole thing a much punchier feel. The likeness is ok, and the anatomy has some issues I think, but really I was having fun trying out the colours.

You can click on the pic for a closer view, as always.

I must admit, I'm stumped for a title for this one. Though maybe 'My muse', as I always seem to be painting the poor girl!


  1. I think its a stunning painting, Sharon.
    Really has a great deal of feeling in it, I can almost feel her thinking!
    Perhaps you could call it.. Pensive ..

  2. Thanks Pat, that's very kind :-), I'm enjoying these acrylic portraits a lot.

    Funnily enough I painted an acrylic portrait of her a while back (from a pic I took a few years ago when she was a bit younger) and I called that one 'Pensive'... she's obviously just a pensive kind of gal... (when I point a camera at her anyway!)

  3. I like the lighting in this painting--an up light like candlelight. You might have slapped the paint around, but it doesn't look it. The painting looks great.

  4. Thanks Linda. You're spot on about the lighting - her face was uplit from reflected light from some cream-coloured bedsheets. The photo was much warmer in tone, so it might be fun to do this one again (or another from the batch of pics I took) in warmer tones.


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