21 July 2011


Here's the next in the Year of Painting challenge on the Painting Friends forum.

This was from a lovely but busy reference photo from mr sandbanx on Wet Canvas.

My aim with this YOP ref was to try to imagine I was on holiday (if only!) and that I was in situ with pen and watercolours, sketching the scene. I have seen a lot of beautiful journal-type art along these lines, and I am always impressed - there's a real sense of being there, a unique capture of a moment, or an afternoon perhaps. So for this YOP I sketched in ink (no pre-drawing with pencil) and tried to capture the scene as if I was actually there...

...I think I need a holiday!

12" by 9", ink and watercolour.


  1. reminds me of many holidays taken.... perhaps it IS time to go again :)

    Lovely piece of work, Sharon xx

  2. I believe that you just took one with this lovely painting :)

  3. Thanks Pat, I thik I need to get out and about and do more of this kind of thing (for real, rather than from a photo!)

    Hi Jan, thanks for your thoughts! This painting took me back to a lovely holiday of a few years ago, in the hills in Spain - happy days!

  4. Oh and I must say you did very very well, I too admire artists who can paint on the spot like that.. in pen or pencil or quick watercolors.
    I try,,, ahem ! BTW came to you through Missys' painting for Pat E...

  5. Thanks for stopping by Barbra, glad you like the painting :-) I'll have to get Missy posted here too - such a cute doggie, I had great fun painting her!


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